5 Android Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device

5 Android Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device

Android is a great operating system for phones, but like any other operating system, it needs some upkeep. If you’ve noticed that your phone is slowing down, it might be time for some clean-up. There are tons of different apps out there, we recommend these five, so pick one and give your device a boost.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is a free and safe app that will clean your phone and extend its battery life. It also optimizes your device’s speed, memory, and storage space by killing all apps running in the background. The app comes with a 1-tap boost feature that will give you an extra boost whenever you like to clear your cache and speed up your phone.


CCleaner is the #1 system clean-up app on PC and Mac, but it can also be used on Android. It’s a safe and useful app that will make your phone faster, keep your storage space free from junk, kill running tasks to free up memory, help you uninstall apps easily, and much more.

All-in-One Toolbox:

All-In-One Toolbox is a set of helpful, time-saving tools to help your Android do its best work. All the tools you need for Android are all in one place with this convenient app.

All-In-One Toolbox is an overview of a collection of tools that can help you boost your productivity on Android. This tool’s features include the ability to clear the cache or junk files, erase browsing history, analyze CPU usage and battery life, manage files between different folders, run tasks in the background efficiently and so much more.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a faster, easy-to-use magic cleaner that can speed up your phone and get rid of viruses. It also has an optimization feature with junk file cleaner, antivirus, app lock, phone booster, and more.

Cleaner Master, a device manager, and an optimization tool have been installed over 5 million times.

Why Choose Clean Master?- With different cleaning mechanisms, the super-fast cleaner can improve performance. It also provides virus scan & clean, app lock for security.

Files by Google:

Files by Google is a three-in-one app that uses very little storage on your device while doing three things in one. It can help you free up space, find files fast and share files securely over your encrypted wi-fi network.

Files by Google’s main function is to clean up junk files and cache so that the memory of your phone will be optimized. When it comes to finding files, Files helps you browse through all the folders on your device without being an expert at file management. As far as sharing goes, Files allows for sending pictures or videos quickly with speeds reaching 480 Mbps over an encrypted direct wifi network.


The 5 Android apps listed are all very useful for cleaning up your device. Whether you want to get rid of junk files, find lost files, or share pictures securely, these programs should do the trick. If you’re looking for an app that will help boost your phone performance and extend its battery life, check out Droid Optimizer. This free app can handle both tasks easily while also optimizing storage space with a one-tap feature.

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