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8 Essential Touch Gestures in Windows 10

8 Essential Touch Gestures in Windows 10

Touch is a very natural way to interact with technology. Touch gestures are not only faster, they feel more natural in Windows 10. Touch gestures allow you to do things like scroll through pages and files without having to use the mouse or touchpad on your laptop or desktop computer. You can also zoom in on pictures, swipe between apps, jump back when you’re browsing the web. there are many ways that Windows 10 makes life easier for people who want their hands on their device at all times.

Drag and Drop Touch

Double-tap to select what you want to drag and drop. Tap to deselect. Dragging your selection with two fingers can be completed by clicking it once and dragging it to your desired location. When you reach the destination, just release your finger.


To scroll with a touchpad, place two fingers on it and then drag them in the direction of the content that you would like to scroll through.

This works for any app that allows scrolling, including word processors, Web browsers, and music players. It also works either horizontally or vertically.


Zooming in and out with touch gestures is intuitive and easy. Just use two fingers to pinch inward to zoom in, then pull them away to zoom back out.


To rotate the item, use two fingers and spin them in a circle on the trackpad. You can’t always rotate everything, but Photoshop and other such programs give you more flexibility with this feature.


Most touchpads come with a right-click button, but if you don’t have one, it’s broken or disabled or you just want to use your fingers instead of the mouse clicker, you can open a context menu by tapping two fingers at once.

Show All Windows

You can also see all windows available on your touchpad by using three fingers to swipe up. This is especially useful for managing multiple desktops and finding your windows quickly.

To switch to the center window, use three fingers and tap. To get rid of Task View without selecting anything, swipe down with three fingers.

Minimize All Windows

To minimize all open windows, swipe down with three fingers. You’ll then be presented with the desktop. Swipe up with three fingers again to bring the windows back.

Switch to Next Application/Next Song

you can swipe left or right, depending on your preference, with three fingers to move to the previous song/App or next song/App.


Touch gestures in Windows 10 can help you navigate through your computer more efficiently. Touchpads, which are designed to work with touch screens, offer many intuitive and convenient features that make it easier to interact with technology on a whole new level. Touch Gestures should be used by all PC users because they allow for faster navigation and multitasking without having to rely on the mouse or keyboard as much. The list of eight Touch Gestures we provided will get you started thinking about how these principles could apply to other devices like laptops and notebooks too.

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