Best PDF Compress Softwares Tools in 2022

Best PDF Compress Softwares Tools in 2021

PDF files are one of the most popular file formats for distributing documents. However, there is a downside to PDFs: they take up more space on your computer than other types of files do. If you need to send a document by email or upload it to a website, compressing the PDF can make it much smaller and therefore save time when sending or uploading. Although some people may think that compression tools are difficult to use, this article will present 5 easy-to-use tools that compress PDF files with high efficiency.

Why should Compress a PDF

PDF files are a great way to share documents with others, but they can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. And if you’re uploading the file to a website, it could eat up bandwidth and slow down other pages on the site. Compressing PDFs is an easy solution for both these problems.

When you compress a PDF, you reduce its size significantly without changing the quality of its contents. This will enable you to send or upload it much faster. You can also benefit from reduced bandwidth costs if you are uploading the file on a website.

  • Reduce size.
  • Upload faster.
  • Reduced bandwidth costs (if uploading to website).
  • Lower size, but keep the same quality of the contents.

let’s go to discuss 5 tools that you can compress pdf.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

To compress pdf files, the first thing you have to do is open them up in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Next, go to File > Save As and select “Compress” from the drop-down menu. You can choose from a few compression levels or compress a batch of files at the same time.

Once you compress your files with this tool, they’ll be smaller and load faster. Plus, since they’re compressed, you use less bandwidth and space when sharing the file online. Save time and space with Adobe Acrobat Pro’s PDF Compression Tool.


Write a paragraph about what is NeeviaPDF and how to use it to compress pdf files.NeeviaPDF is a free online tool that allows you to easily compress PDF files with just a few clicks. Compressing your PDFs will decrease the size of your file and make it easier for recipients to download, especially on mobile devices with limited storage.

NeeviaPDF is easy to use – just upload your PDF from the “Upload” button or drag and drop from anywhere on your computer. Then select the compression level (we recommend “Standard”), click “Compress”, and wait for NeeviaPDF to finish processing. You can also deselect any pages you don’t want to include in the compressed version by clicking on them before uploading or dragging them into the page list area after uploading.

Once NeeviaPDF is finished compressing your file, you have the option to download a ZIP file containing both the original and compressed PDF. This will allow you to compare the two files yourself if you want to verify that compression was successful.


IrfanView is a Windows-based lightweight and feature-rich image viewer. It comes with plugins that can convert it to an image editing tool. For example, one of the features allows you to convert your images into different file types and add watermarks. You can also batch process images with this tool.

GhostScript is needed to be able to view PDF files with IrfanView. Once you install GhostScript, you’ll see an option to export your high-resolution PDF at a lower resolution when saving it. Make sure that you set the “PDF Settings” window then save your file as a new document to preserve the necessary formatting, You need.

In my case, I set all image types to medium quality and drastically reduced a 10 MB scanned PDF document to less than 1 MB. Although the result was somewhat blurry, it was still legible.


ilovePDF is an all-in-one online pdf site that allows you to compress pdf files for free.

Step by step:

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Select File’

3. Choose your PDF file from your computer and click ‘Upload Now’

4. You can either download or share your compressed PDF file via the url provided by the site.

That’s it. IlovePDF compresses your file while keeping all the necessary layout formatting, without any loss of quality.


If you want to compress a PDF, there are two options available. The first one is offline tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro while the second one is online tools like ilovePDF, NeeviaPDF and etc. Both can compress pdf files and keep the same quality of content. The only difference is that the first one requires you to install a product while the second one is free.

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