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Cinematic Mode on the iPhone 13

Cinematic Mode on the iPhone 13

Apple has just introduced Cinematic Mode on the new iPhone 13. Cinematic Mode is a camera feature that allows you to shoot in a way that mimics professional cinematography from Hollywood movies. This post will take you through how Cinematic Mode works and what it can do for your videos.

How to Access Cinematic Mode on Your iPhone

To access Cinematic Mode on your iPhone 13, all you need to do is swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and Cinematic Mode will pop out as an option. Cinematic Mode does not work with older iPhones because it requires motion sensors which are only available in new phones like Apple’s latest model.

How Cinematic Mode Works

Cinematic Mode works by tracking your movement and adjusting the camera to create a smooth, fluid shot. Cinematic Mode also keeps everything in focus no matter how you move the phone.

What Cinematic Mode Can Do for Your Videos

Cinematic Mode can produce great-looking videos that look like they were filmed with professional cameras. The feature is best used with a tripod or on a flat surface, but Cinematic Mode can also be used handheld to produce dynamic and engaging videos. Cinematic Mode can also help improve video quality, especially in low-light settings. Cinematic Mode even automatically adjusts the color and exposure of videos to match your device’s frame rate with 24 frames per second.

How iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode Compares to Professional Cameras

Cinematic Mode is a welcome addition to the iPhone 13, but it does not compare to professional video cameras. Cinematic Mode can be used for home videos and casual film-making projects, but Cinematic Mode will never produce as high of quality as more expensive equipment. Cinematic Mode also cannot replace cinematic gear like lighting kits or stabilizers. Cinematic Mode is a great way to enhance the quality of videos, but it does have its limitations.


Cinematic Mode is a great feature for amateur filmmakers who want to add some cinematic flair to their videos. Cinematic Mode will never replace professional equipment, but it can improve the quality of your iPhone 13’s camera and make your recordings feel more dynamic.

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