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How to Fix Activation Error 0x8004FC12 on Windows 10

How to Fix Activation Error 0x8004FC12 on Windows 10

If you want to activate Windows 10, but are getting an error message that reads 0x8004FC12 don’t worry. This blog post will show you how to fix the activation error and finally get your copy of Windows 10 activated.

There are 4 ways you can solve this “0x8004FC12” error.

Run Windows Activation Troubleshooter

The Windows Activation Troubleshooter can help fix a lot of activation errors. It’s completely free to use, so it might be worth giving that method a try before you do anything else.

Wait For Activation Servers To Be Available

It’s possible that the activation servers are down or overloaded. If you’re getting this “0x8004000” error, wait a few hours to try again and see if it will activate automatically on its own.

Check Windows Firewall Settings

This isn’t an activation error, but it is a common setting that might be interfering with Windows. Check your firewall settings and make sure the “Windows Firewall” program is running so you can connect to important services like Microsoft Update.

Activate Windows By Phone

To activate Windows 10 by phone,

Select Start->Windows 10 Setting->Update & Security->Activation

Then select Get Started and you will be prompted to call an activation phone number.

If your computer is in a region that doesn’t have Microsoft support, then the customer service representative can help walk you through activating Windows over the phone.

Lastly, if none of these options work for fixing this error message on your PC, download a fresh copy of Windows, install it on your machine, and then activate the license.

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