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How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a Schedule email that will be sent at any time and date of your choice, so you never have to worry about forgetting to send an e-mail again.

Steps to setup schedule emails in Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account and click the cogwheel in the top right corner, then select “Settings.”

2. Select the “Labs” tab, located at the bottom of the screen, then type “Schedule” into the search field that appears on the left side.

3. Click on Schedule next to any schedule email that appears in the search results, then click “Enable.”

4. You’ll see a new Snippet up the top of your Gmail page with some code displayed. Copy this code and paste it into whatever e-mail you’re sending to make sure it gets scheduled properly.

5. To schedule an email, simply send it like you normally would. When you’re composing the email, you will see a new gray button in the toolbar above it with an “S” on it. Click this button to schedule your e-mail for any day and time of your choice.

That’s how to schedule emails in Gmail using Schedule feature. We hope you found our information useful.

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