Microsoft Office 2021 [Surprise News]

Microsoft Office 2021 [Surprise News]

There’s more than one way to get Microsoft Office: you could buy a subscription to Microsoft 365 and always be up-to-date, or you could buy a new version when it comes out. It might not be as cheap in the long run, but it will ensure that you never lose access.

If you prefer to make a one-off purchase, then Microsoft’s latest announcement could be of interest to you.

Microsoft Office 2021 is releasing on October 5th, which is also the day that Windows 11 launches.

Microsoft has not revealed much about Office 2021 and we don’t know when we’ll find out more. What is known is that Microsoft will share these details very soon.

Microsoft has announced that their next version of Office will be out in 2021. The company also announced that this new release will be the last consumer-facing release of the popular software suite, which means it’ll have a longer lifespan to introduce new features and accommodate different customer usage requirements.

Office LTSC is for specific devices that are unable to get feature updates or connect to the internet. These include regulated devices, systems on the manufacturing floor, and other special cases.

If you are interested in Office 2021, keep checking back with us for more details.

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