DU Recorder PC

Du Recorder PC is the most powerful screen recording software for PCs and laptops. It is a free screen recording software that enables you to record pc screen high-quality videos. The videos recorded using DU Recorder have powerful sound qualities that are superior to comparing other recording apps.


What is Du Recorder PC

Du Recorder for PC is a screen recording software that works well on laptops and Windows PCs. It allows you to record games, business presentations, TV shows, video chats, movies, and tutorials. It doesn’t need any internet connection to use it. you can use it any time or anywhere, making it very convenient.

This software also has video editing capabilities. You can edit your videos to give them better quality and add background sounds to them. Additionally, it has a live broadcast feature that enables you to stream your videos live on different social media platforms.

Features of Du Recorder PC

  • Du recorder PC saves record videos and stores them in your hard drive for later viewing.

  • The DU Recorder video editing feature allows you to edit your videos: you can modify colors, add pictures, add music, increase or reduce brightness, and edit and crop the recordings. You can also mix and cut tracks using this du recorder app.

  • Once you activate Du Recorder PC, it records everything on your screen together with volume in case you are watching videos or speaking to someone over video or audio call.

  • It allows you to Livestream and shares them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

  • Du Recorder PC has a floating window and notification bar that facilitates smooth flow on your screen.

  • It is a free app that comes with no watermarks.

  • Du Recorder PC doesn’t limit you on the period you can record your videos, you can record for as long as you want, provided your PC has enough storage space.

  • It is a small software with a 24.8 Mb capacity. So it doesn’t take much space on your PC.

  • It has an easy-to-use interface in different languages with various frame rates.
  • DU Recorder Support iOS and Android OS Also.


Download DU Recorder PC

How to Install DU Recorder on PC

Du Recorder for PC is an easy-to-download and install screen recording app. It doesn’t need the most modern PCs or laptops to use it.

Follow these steps to download and install Du Recorder for PC:

Step 1: Download DU Recorder PC EXE.

Step 2: Double Click on the Du Recorder setup icon to install it on your PC.

Step 3: Once install finished, Launch the Du Recorder PC software from your desktop.

Step 4: Click on ‘Start Record’ to begin recording.

Step 5: Ensure you allow the Du Recorder software to access your camera and Microphone before you start using it.

Step 6: Once you complete your recording, click on Stop Button in DU Recorder.

Also, Try on Your iPhone or iPad: Download and Install DU Recorder iOS on Your iPhone | iPad

How to Stream Using DU Recorder

First, start the live streaming process on your PC screen and broadcast it on various platforms such s Facebook, YouTube, and any others that you prefer. It doesn’t matter what you’re streaming, simply click the Start Streaming button on the Du Recorder Pc downloaded software to start streaming your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions


DU Recorder Pc is a unique and popular screen recording software. It comes with several distinctive features that make it stand out from other recording apps. It is software that works perfectly on Windows PC. It allows you to record professional videos using your PC. If you want to record videos and access them later, this is the software for you.