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What is the AppData folder in Windows 10

What is the AppData folder in Windows 10

The AppData folder in Windows 10 is a hidden system folder that holds the data for installed applications. This article will explain what it does, where to find it, and what you can do with this app data folder.

What is AppData Folder?

The AppData folder can be used by the system to store application data, such as settings or user preferences for a particular app. You should not edit anything inside this directory unless you know what you’re doing!

It contains files and folders that are hidden from an average user. This folder is normally hidden from the user’s view and can be accessed only through a program such as Windows Explorer or File Manager.

and also The AppData folder has three subfolders which are Local, Roaming and Local low.

Local Folder

The Local Folder stores data on a computer that is specific to the individual and not synced or carried over from computer to computer even if you sign in to an enterprise network. Local subfolder stores temporary files in addition to large files which can be deleted without causing problems due to their non-essential nature.

Roaming Folder

This folder is used to store user-specific settings, files, and other items. A roaming folder allows the same data to be accessed from any computer with a network connection because it’s synced across all your devices.

Local Low Folder

This LocalLow folder in your Windows 10 file system is where data isn’t automatically stored or moved. It has a lower level of access than the Local or Roaming folders, so if you’re running a browser in secure mode it uses data only from the LocalLow folder.

Where to Find AppData Folder?

First, you have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer.

Open File Explorer and navigate to Tools > Folder Options

In the View tab, scroll down to Hidden files or folders section and select Show hidden files, folders, or drives from the drop-down menu. Then click Apply followed by OK button.

In order to access this folder, you need to find it by opening your Command Prompt and typing “explorer ‘%appdata%'” or simply typing %APPDATA%.

What Can You Do With AppData Folder?

Actually, there are no specific things to do with AppData Folder. But you can move your game save files from one computer to another computer using this folder.

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