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What is The Difference Between Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Chrome

What is The Difference Between Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Chrome

When you use Google Chrome, you can feel comfortable browsing the web because it offers two ways to keep your browsing private. While they are different, both incognito mode and guest mode provide better security with which to protect your personal information online.

Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Chrome may seem like the same thing at first glance, but they do very different things. Guest mode allows you to browse websites without creating any new browsing history. Incognito mode lets you browse anonymously and it deletes your browsing data when you close the browser window.

We’ll go into detail about Guest Mode vs Incognito Mode in this article to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

What Is Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a popular tool to browse the internet without leaving any traces.

It’s a good way to hide your browsing history from nosy people, or if you’re using a public computer and don’t want it to be logged in. It also helps avoid being tracked by websites that serve targeted ads based on your previous browsing history.

But incognito mode has its limits. it doesn’t protect against malware or other threats, so you should still use antivirus software and take other precautions when online. Incognito mode is just one of many tools at your disposal for protecting yourself while surfing the web and as with all technology, there are ways it can go wrong.

For example, if someone has access to your device, they can simply go to their history settings and delete the incognito session. So if you want to make sure that your information is 100% safe, always use an encrypted VPN connection.

What Is Guest Mode

Guest Mode is a special type of Chrome browser that you can use when you need to share your computer with someone else, like at a public library or internet cafe. You can’t affect any settings or sign into your Google account while in Guest Mode.

Guest mode has been around since 2010 and it’s become more popular recently as people try to be conscious about the amount of personal information they’re sharing on their computers.

With guest mode, there are no saved passwords, and all cookies will be deleted automatically after the session ends, meaning if someone gets access to your computer for an hour they won’t be able to see anything from past sessions and everything will return back to how it was before they logged in.

This is also great for working on multiple computers without having to sign into your computer every time.


Both Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Chrome have their benefits, but they are different tools that serve different purposes. If your main concern is to browse the web privately without leaving a trace of your browsing history, then you should use incognito mode so you can surf anonymously. However, if you need to share your computer with others or work on multiple computers without signing into each one every time, then guest mode may be for you.

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